Keeley Edmonson: Zumba & Body Tone

“I joined Katie’s Zumba class in September 2016 and have been hooked ever since! Having now done Zumba for over 10 years it is clear that Katie encapsulates everything that it is about. Her fun classes mix all the styles and abilities and so there really is something for everyone.

The most important thing is that every person that walks through the door will be made to feel welcome, as if they’ve been there for years. I joined on my own and now have some wonderful friends from the classes!

I couldn’t resist doing more of Katie’s classes, and now also do Body Tone, and always make sure to attend the additional themed events she holds.

Katie’s classes have given me confidence beyond words and I can’t thank her enough for the change she has made to my life. Her classes are what keep me sane during the week and I’m incredibly sad if I miss one!

But beyond all that I now have the amazing FitMixx family and a wonderful friend in Katie!”

Julie Bryceland: Strictly Dance & Zumba Gold


“Having high cholesterol and struggling to get it down with diet and medication I started doing Katie's Strictly Dance and Zumba Gold.


Her classes are so much fun with brilliant choreography and a fantastic atmosphere! 3 months after I started my cholesterol levels had reduced substantially.

I've kept attending because FitMixx classes are great for frame of mind, fun, overall workout and I’ve made great friends!


Thank you so much Katie for making it so enjoyable to improve my health and general wellbeing.”

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FitMixx Testimonial Linda Fawcett.jpg

Linda Fawcett: Pulse & Zumba

“If you love dancing to great routines and music and want to get fit without the boredom of a gym, I can’t recommend Katies Zumba classes enough. I’ve been a regular for 3 years and I always leave Katies classes feeling upbeat, full of energy and they're a great stress buster too.

Katie’s choreography is excellent and each routine is different with something to suit all levels and you can take everything at your own pace....there's absolutely no pressure at all. Katie always makes everyone feel so welcome, is always smiling and regularly has us all giggling. I can guarantee you’ll be humming the music after you’ve left!

I also go to her Pulse class, which is very different to Zumba and is a great complimentary body work out meaning I get plenty of keep fit variety to make me feel good!”

Judy Wealleans: Strictly Dance & Zumba Gold

“For the last seven years I have been part of Katie’s Zumba Gold and Strictly Dance classes. I love the feel good factor that the classes give me. There are so many benefits to be gained - keeping fit, meeting different people as well as the laughs and the fabulous music the combination of all these things lead to a great sense of well being.

Katie is so enthusiastic about all her classes it shines through and because of her dance background her choreography is spot on. She changes her routines on a regular basis so I never get bored although sometimes we do ask her to bring back a particular favourite!

My daughter and I attend Strictly together and both absolutely love the Latin routines and it’s really good to learn the ‘proper’ steps. I always come home buzzing.

To anyone who has never danced but always wanted to and loves music I would recommend Katie’s classes. Zumba Gold is great for me as a slightly older lady as it is lower impact.

We are a friendly bunch so if you come alone you will be made to feel welcome. On top of her weekly classes Katie organises specially themed events and social outings.”


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Angela Reed.jpg

Angela Reed: Zumba, Pulse, Body Tone & BoxxFit

“I had just discovered Zumba when I moved to Newcastle in 2014, thankfully my then Zumba instructor knew Katie covered the area I was moving to and put us in touch! I attended my first Zumba class with Katie within a week of moving, that was 6 years ago and I now go to 3 classes a week!

Although I was already pretty fit from doing Zumba regularly, Katie’s unique Body Tone, Pulse and BoxxFit classes have really helped tone up my physique. Most importantly, my self confidence has sky rocketed and I have gone from being the shy one at the back to enjoying being in the front row!

I’ve made a wonderful group of friends and Katie goes way above and beyond the role of Instructor, organising regular nights out, Christmas parties, dance themed workshops, and even a clothing range. Fitmixx is such a huge part of my life, Katie has created an entire community and I’m so glad to be part of it!”

Kathy Sheedy: Zumba Gold

"Katie is an inspiration and her Zumba classes are amazing.


No matter how miserable, tired or distracted you may feel when you go into one of Katie’s classes you are guaranteed to leave uplifted, happier and fitter. Katie makes exercise fun and never boring.


She works hard to make sure the classes are kept fresh and challenging so both your body and mind get an excellent work out.


Katie has been teaching classes for over ten years now and long may she continue."


Kay Bruce: Zumba Gold, Body Tone & Pulse and Emma Graham: Body Tone & Pulse. (Mother & daughter)

Kay said “I really look forward to doing Katie's classes as the music and routines are just brilliant. They are changed regularly to keep it a challenge, so you can’t ever get bored.


I started off with Zumba Gold and then added Pulse and Body Tone.


The classes are really friendly and there's always a warm welcome. Not only do I feel fitter now I have also made some lovely friends there. Highly recommend Katie's classes for all ages and abilities.”

Emma said “I have been doing Katie's Pulse and Body Tone classes for about a year now and I absolutely love going.


Katie is so enthusiastic and really motivates you to do your best. The classes are always super friendly and suitable for people of any ability. I cant recommend Katie's classes highly enough.”

Susan Fulton: Zumba, Body Tone, Pulse & BoxxFit

"Katie is passionate about wellbeing, getting fit and fun and that’s absolutely what you get in any of her classes. 


I’ve been coming to classes for over four years and I regularly attend Pulse, Body Tone, Zumba and BoxxFit.

A great range of classes is offered which cater for various fitness levels and all are regularly changed so you never get bored; new moves and music guaranteed! I've made friends at the classes too.

FitMixx classes help me keep my well-being mojo well and truly alive!


Avril Glendinning: Zumba Gold & Strictly Dance


"I've attended Katie's classes for a number of years and I love them. Strictly is great fun, a chance to air your inner diva. Katie always teaches us the professional techniques of ballroom, and we can pretend we are on the Strictly dancefloor! Zumba Gold is a good, fast workout to great music and it would be impossible to NOT smile while you're doing it.

I've done other exercise classes but Katie's are the best. She is very professional, very rarely cancels a class, always starts and finishes on time.


As well as the classes, Katie gets us involved socially with fun party themes and outings where we all get to know each other better, making the classes friendly and welcoming.

Queen of zumba, long may she reign!"

Pat Richardson: Zumba Gold 

"Katie is an inspiration to all of us. Her classes are fun and motivating and definitely give you ‘the feel good factor’.

Her passion for Zumba/dance is in abundance and this is passed onto us through her brilliant choreography of the routines, a great way to get fit while having fun.


Good instructors are hard to find so we have been really lucky to have Katie as ours. I have made some wonderful friends at the classes and we have numerous social nights out with FitMixx.

A huge THANKS to Katie!"


Vanessa Douch: Strictly Dance and Zumba

"I have attended Katie's classes for 9 years now and I can't imagine life without Zumba or Strictly Dance. Every class has fitness, fun, infectious music and a huge feel good factor. Katie's dance background means her routines are perfectly choreographed and full of variety - the time flies by. 'Strictly Dance' is a particular highlight of my week. It's a great workout based on Ballroom and Latin dance steps but without the need for a partner. Having done some dancing as a child, this class has re-kindled my love of dance and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the steps and techniques from Katie. I always leave feeling uplifted .... and usually continue waltzing around my kitchen when I get home!!!

The atmosphere at Zumba and Strictly Dance is very relaxed and friendly. You can go along on your own and feel comfortable - you will soon get to know people there. We like  to enjoy ourselves and Katie often organises social events and special theme nights alongside the regular classes. So, if you want to exercise and have a good time, come along to Katie's classes and join in!" 

Emma Shimmy Havery: Zumba, Zumba Gold, Strictly Dance, Body Tone, Pulse and BoxxFit (yes, all of them!)
"I love the confidence I have gained since starting Katie's classes 4 years ago. I used to hide at the back of the room, worrying that I looked stupid being the biggest one there. But now, although I'm still one of the bigger ladies there, I'm a 'front row diva' and I love to show off my moves to everyone.
I have made so many great friends at classes, Katie being one of them! The hardest part is coming to your first class but once you're there you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner!"