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Go to REAL CLASSES on the main menu


Select BOOK A CLASS from the drop down menu


Choose the class you wish to book for and then select the required date (you can book up to 14 days in advance)


Complete the short "ADD YOUR INFO" form and then press BOOK IT


You will receive a confirmation email of your booking


IMPORTANT: You must then complete your payment.



“Can I book a number of weeks ahead?”


Bookings open 14 days before each class.


“Can I book multiple classes at the same time?”

Yes you can but each class needs to be booked and “checked out” individually. Unfortunately the system does not currently have the functionality for you to book a “group” of classes in one go. Even so it’s still a very quick process.


“Can I book on behalf of someone else or for my friends?”

Yes. Select If you are booking on behalf of someone else please enter THEIR name, not yours, so it’s their name that shows up on my class register.

You can also book for friends, up to a certain amount. I have set different limits for different classes based on demand/average attendance and other factors.

“I have booked the wrong class by accident, what do I do?”

Do not pay for a class you’ve mistakenly booked. Please contact me ASAP so I can manually remove you from the register.


“What if I don’t know if I can attend until the last minute?”

I recommend booking in advance to secure your place. However that’s OK, just check the system and as long as there is a place you can book it!

In many cases this will be better than trying to get in touch with me when I may be busy, travelling to a class or teaching a class.


“When do I pay?”

Please pay immediately when you have booked your place. This is so I can match bookings and payments.


The following classes are £4: Pulse and Body Tone.

The following classes are £5: Zumba, Zumba Gold and Strictly Dance.

If you currently pay by standing order you must still book your place each time.

“Where do I send my payment?”


Account type BUSINESS

Sort code 09-01-28

Account number 35990988

"How does it work if I pay by standing order?"

Long term regular customers are welcome to set up a recurring payment for classes, as some people find this more convenient. However, you must still book your places for each weeks class. You must also manage the standing order yourself - for example if you are going on holiday remember to put it on hold. Refunds can't be provided for missed classes.


“Can I cancel my place/get a refund/transfer my place?”

Unfortunately not. Please be aware that this is not something I can provide at the current time.

"Why didn't I get a booking confirmation email?"

The booking confirmation may have a very slight delay in coming through to your emails. Please also check your junk mail folder. The majority of the time when this happens it is because the participant has entered their email address incorrectly. If there is any error in the way you type your email address it will not trigger a confirmation.

How do I book/access an online class?

This process is for REAL classes only. Please contact me directly to book virtual classes ('on demand' and livestream).


Can I just turn up at a class?

Yes you can "JUST TURN UP" to any of my classes and pay via Contactless/Chip & Pin. Class prices for walk ins are as follows: Pulse £4.50 and Strictly/Zumba/Zumba Gold £5.50.The option to PRE-REGISTER and PRE-PAY is still available as normal (Prices £4 or £5).

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