Zumba is a hot hot hot full-body workout, incorporating cardio and toning, to infectious Latin and World rhythms. The combination of fun and fitness has made Zumba a world-wide phenomenon. Zumba classes always have THE best music, including the latest chart hits. You will leave Zumba classes feeling amazing!

my birthday class.jpg

Check out this video which some of my lovely ladies made for me to celebrate my 10 year Zumba Anniversary (which was 5th November 2020). Can you spot yourself?!


Zumba Gold is a low impact version of Zumba. There is no jumping and the class is slower paced but Zumba Gold is still a good workout and LOTS of fun! Ideal for active older adults and beginners.


My Zumba Gold class featured on BBC's 'Inside Out' programme


Body Tone is extremely popular and is a unique class which is delivered ONLY by FitMixx! Build core strength, tone and trim your abs, butt, thighs and arms. The class includes a dynamic and challenging body conditioning workout to current funky beats. Includes standing and mat work.

A Beginners Body Tone class for active older adults and beginners is now available online.


A FitMixx exclusive class! If you love Strictly Come Dancing you’ll love this solo dance-fitness class which takes lots of inspiration from your favourite TV show. The routines incorporate real Ballroom and Latin moves. You don't need dance experience, a partner or high heels. Get ready to cha cha your way to fitness!


Box it out and unleash your power! Combining the speed, strength and agility of Boxing with toning moves. BoxxFit takes inspiration from combat and martial arts. You can take your workout to the next level using weighted gloves (optional). 

BoxxFit Launch Jan 2020.jpg


Get your PULSE™️ pumping with this hot workout which is exclusive to FitMixx. Combining CARDIO, TONING, COMBAT and STRETCH elements to give you one dynamic total body blast!

Pulse release 2.jpg


Zumba Kids is a great way to have fun and get moving with your kids - parents and kids join in the session together! Using music and moves appropriate to the age of the children (approx 4-7) means they will have MAXIMUM fun and really enjoy the experience. Kids talk about these classes for weeks afterwards!


FitMixx & Chill.jpg

Relax and de-stress with this restorative movement class. FitMixx and Chill will take you through breathing, stretching and flexibility exercises, ending with an optional guided visualisation. All set to a beautiful soundtrack. Work out those stiff achey bodies, lengthen out your muscles and find some inner calm.