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I am excited to offer a range of my classes online as pre-recorded videos (content is updated regularly). 




Your payment gives you unlimited access for that week, so you can do the class at any time and as many times as you like each week!

Please note access runs Sunday-Sunday for all classes. Passwords change over at approx. 6pm.



  • Zumba (1hr) £5

  • Zumba Gold - Low Impact (1hr) £5

  • Strictly Dance (45mins) £5

  • FitMixx and Chill (1hr) £5

  • BoxxFit (40mins) £5

  • Pulse (30mins) £4

  • Body Tone (30mins) £4

  • Beginners Body Tone (30mins) £4


  • Take £1 off FitMixx and Chill if you are doing any other online class that week

  • Take £1 BoxxFit if you are doing any other online class that week

  • For both Pulse and Body Tone it is £6, or £10 for both plus Zumba.

  • For both Zumba Gold and Beginners Body Tone it is £7

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1. Contact me for payment details if you don’t already have them

2 You must confirm your payment with me (and the classes you want to access) to receive the password
3. I will send you a set of Terms & Conditions and your password
4. This will allow you to access the secure area of the FitMixx website where you can view the latest video

Technical Tips

As the videos are hosted within this website. You can access them on all devices, including laptop, desktop PC, iPad, mobile phone and smart TV (direct from the web browser within the smart TV).

If you are using an older device it’s always best to try to use the Google Chrome browser.

If you are having an issue please check the following:

  • Ensure you have input the correct password into the correct page (I’ve had several people enter the correct password onto the wrong page, that obviously won’t work).

  • Refresh the page

  • Restart your device

  • Clear open apps/windows and browsing

  • Restart your router

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